Our 5th annual BrAva Mom Prom will take place
Friday, April 27, 2018 , at the Washington County Jr. Fair Building in Marietta, Ohio.

Raffle tickets and luminary sales are going on now

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From Jessie:

We want to take a minute to thank you for being a supporter of BrAva Mom Prom and BrAva Fight. All the proceeds from the purchase of these images will be donated back to BrAva. Each and every single one of you is amazing and this night would not be as wonderful or possible without you. So thank you for all you do to support your fellow moms and women alike, because real women make it a habit of building each other up.

I would also like to thank Lori Hanson of Hanson Enhancements, Brandy Haas of Little Bee Photography and Melissa McConnell of Melissa Rose Photography, we wouldn't be able to get coverage of this night without them and their donation of their time and talent.

Thank you and Hugs,
JH Parks Studio

Mom Prom Pictures